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Six Month Orthodontics - An Innovate And Proven Orthodontic Technique

Six Month Braces, or Six Month Orthodontics as it is often referred to, is an orthodontic treatment protocol that leverages advanced orthodontic and dental technologies and innovations that shorten the orthodontic treatment timeline for braces patients. With this treatment technique, orthodontic patients can complete their orthodontic care in six month as opposed to the two year treatment timeline of traditional braces. 


Orthodontic care seeks to correct spacing and alignment issues in the smile, and can also serve to correct certain complications of the jaw. Our team at Seminole Premier Dental offers patients several different orthodontic treatment options that can all help patients achieve straighter smiles! Six Month Smiles or Six Month Braces are one of these treatment options, and helps patients achieve straighter and healthier smiles in only a fraction of the time of traditional braces. This process, just like other orthodontic treatments, seeks to gradually move your teeth into a desired final position by slowly and gently pushing your teeth in this direction. 


Six Month Braces leverage today’s newest and best technologies in orthodontic care, using special brackets and wires that are capable of providing better-aligned pressure to the teeth, and are also tooth-colored, giving patients an added level of discretion. This can be especially beneficial for younger orthodontic patients and teens, as well as young professionals, due to stigmas in high school as well as in the professional space. 


Speak with our team today at Seminole Premier Dental to learn more about Six Month Braces and whether or not you would make a good candidate. 

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