Cosmetic Dental Bonding in Seminole, FL

Cosmetic Bonding in Seminole, FL

Chips, cracks, discoloring, and spacing in the teeth are all aesthetic imperfections that can be corrected with cosmetic tooth bonding. Bonding is a fast and convenient cosmetic dental treatment that leverages a synthetic bonding material that is placed on specific parts of the tooth to fill spaces, correct tooth misalignment, correct chips, and cover staining. With the right dentist, bonded teeth appear just like natural teeth, and only make up a thin top layer of the tooth. This thin layer, however, has the strength to be able to maintain the full function of the tooth. 

The bonding process begins with your dentist identifying aesthetic and functional imperfections on the teeth. A light is then shined onto the teeth to help the bonding material stick, and then a thin but durable layer of cosmetic bonding material is then placed on top of the teeth. Your dentist will then remove parts of the bonding material to form a natural and perfectly-sized layer of bonding material.

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