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Endodontics is a special field of dentistry that deals with the inner tooth materials and structures and helping patients alleviate infections within the teeth. When infections within the teeth are left untreated, this can result in the entire tooth becoming infected, which can eventually require to tooth to need to be extracted. Inner tooth infections are addressed through root canal treatments which remove the infected material and save the tooth from extraction. Endodontic specialists are trained to be able to affectively remove this infected tissue, as well as how to prevent teeth from become infected and needing to be extracted in the future. 

Our team at Seminole Premier Dental is ready to treat any endodontic complications you may be experiencing! 

The Inner Tooth Structures

Teeth are made of of several different layers – the outer, and strongest, layer of the teeth is the tooth enamel. This is the white outer layer of the teeth that is visible. Beneath this layer is the dentin, which is the mid-layer of the teeth that protects the inner and final layer, the tooth root, or pulp. When this inner layer becomes infected, whether due to tooth chipping and cracking or other direct tooth damage, or poor oral health, this can cause pain and severe sensitivity for patients. When left untreated, these inner-tooth infections can lead to severe pain as well as the need to extract the tooth. Root canals save teeth from extraction by removing this infected material and replacing it with a synthetic material that keeps the tooth safe from infection and extraction. 

Why Might A Patient Require A Root Canal?

Patients may require root canals for different reasons, although the main cause of a patient needing a root canal procedure is typically inner tooth infections that threaten the tooth. This infection can occur due to poor oral health over a long period of time, or due to cracks or chips in the teeth, which can cause teeth to become infected. 

When the above types of dental emergencies occur that result in teeth being chipped or cracked, it’s vital that patients have these imperfections treated as soon as possible to avoid any infections that can find their way into the teeth. These infections can threaten the inner structures of the teeth, particularly the tooth pulp, the infection of which can cause severe tooth pain and potentially the eventual extraction of the tooth. Root canals serve the purpose of removing these inner tooth infections and saving the tooth from infection. 

We’re Able To Offer A Full Range Of Endodontic Treatment!

While root canals were once widely feared procedures that made dental patients tremble, root canal procedures are now routine and relatively painless procedures thanks to modern advancements in dental technology. Most patients even report that a root canal today is roughly as painful or discomforting as a routine dental filling! To our team at Seminole Premier Dental, ensuring that our patients are able to receive care in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is one of our main goals, which is why our team has adopted root canal treatment protocols that make these procedures as painless and comfortable as possible. 

If you’re experiencing symptoms of someone who may require a root canal, such as a sharp pain in one tooth or severe sensitivity in a tooth for at least several days, get in touch with our caring and knowledgeable team at Seminole Premier Dental today to see if you may require endodontic treatment. 

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