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One of today’s most popular and most requested dental treatments is in-office professional teeth whitening. While over-the-counter teeth whitening kits can offer convenience, they’re simply no match for the stain fighting power of professional whitening, which can remove stubborn stains below the tooth surface to help patients achieve their brightest smile yet. Our team at Seminole Premier Dental is certified in today’s most popular in-office tooth whitening methods to help our patients achieve their best and brightest smile. 

Discoloration can be caused by many different foods and drinks, as well as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and natural aging. Professional teeth whitening methods are capable of going deep beneath the tooth surface to remove this discoloration as well as tough stains, even those that have been there for years. 

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Cleaning, Polishing & Exam

(1110, 0274, 0150)


Regular value of $207 includes necessary x-rays

Emergency Dental Exam

(0140, 0220)


Regular value of $116

Children’s Exam & Cleaning

(0150, 1120, 0272, 1208)


Regular value of $214 includes necessary x-rays & fluoride treatment
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