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Why Choose Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain dental crowns are a proven and time-tested solution to teeth chipping and cracking that our team here at Seminole Premier Dental has mastered over years of combined experience. These appliances are placed on the top, or crown, of the tooth to hide imperfections and help create a more full and natural-looking smile. Today, most dental crowns are made entirely from porcelain and are made specifically to best match a patient’s existing natural teeth. 

Our team at Seminole Premier Dental offers patients several different dental crown solutions that can help patients achieve a beautiful and natural-looking smile free of chipping, discoloration, and other aesthetic imperfections. 

All-Ceramic Crowns

In addition to all-porcelain crowns, all ceramic crowns are another phenomenal crowns option that are especially beneficial for crowns patients who already have older sets of crowns that require upgrading. This newer crowns alternative can help previous crowns patients benefit from the newest and best version of crowns treatments, all while gaining the improved cosmetic and aesthetic value that all-ceramic crown possess. 

Pricing and Financial Information 

Our team at Seminole Premier Dental is able to offer flexible pricing and financing options for patients to make it as easy as possible for patients to obtain these remarkable dental appliances. We offer patients free consultations as well as second opinions, and offer patients the below discounts and specials when it comes to preparing to receive dental crowns:

  • Cleaning, Polishing & Exam – $95 Regular value of $207 includes necessary x-rays (1110, 0274, 0150)
  • Emergency Exam – $80 Regular value of $116 (0140, 0220)
  • Children’s Exam & Cleaning – $99 Regular value of $214 includes necessary x-rays & fluoride treatment (0150, 1120, 0272, 1208).

Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff can help you determine which crowns option is best for you! Speak with our team at Seminole Premier Dental today to book your crowns consultation, and take the first step towards your best and boldest smile yet!

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Cleaning, Polishing & Exam

(1110, 0274, 0150)


Regular value of $207 includes necessary x-rays

Emergency Dental Exam

(0140, 0220)


Regular value of $116

Children’s Exam & Cleaning

(0150, 1120, 0272, 1208)


Regular value of $214 includes necessary x-rays & fluoride treatment
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